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Hinton, Alberta

On June 21, Alex Mahé provided two highly entertaining presentations to our Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 students. He successfully and naturally adapted his program to the age and maturity of each group. Mr. Mahé is very comfortable with children and has a natural way of communicating with them. I was impressed with the relationship that he quickly established with the older students, and this rapport was reflected in their enthusiasm and their participation in the program.

Mr. Mahé obviously loves music and enjoys entertaining children. Quick to smile, he is vibrant and upbeat. He uses humor in his songs as well as in his interaction with the audience, quickly placing his listeners at ease and drawing them into the presentation.

Alex involves students in some of his songs, and he arrived two hours prior to the first performance so as to prepare some students for their participation in the upcoming shows. He uses this time as well to set up his equipment according to his needs. He is organized and meticulous in his preparations, which is an indication of the pride that he takes in his work.

Weeks prior to his arrival, the school was provided with a variety of helpful information as well as a CD of his music so that students could become familiar with the songs and feel free to sing along during his live performance.

After the presentations, Mr. Mahé shook hands with some of his new fans, providing some students with autographs and making available for purchase his CDs.

The students and staff of our school would highly recommend Alex Mahé as a guest presenter in your school. For us, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the school year.

Louis Kloster
Assistant Principal
Gerard Redmond Community Catholic School

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